Welcome to My Cutting Boards, founded in Granville Ohio in 2010 by artist and woodworker Tony Reynolds. The company is a culmination of his love of handcrafted woodworking and his passion for the high tech world of computer aided manufacturing. Early on, much of the initial mill work was done in the traditional way. Rough lumber was milling and glued up to form the blanks from which the cutting boards were made. Today, due to the demand for our cutting boards, blanks are being made for us by Keim Lumber in Charm Ohio. Keim has been a family own business since 1911 and is known for their high quality mill work.

Enter the 21st Century

Here is where the process enters the 21st century. Many of the cutting board designs are complex enough that they would only be feasible to make by using today’s high tech equipment. The design phase begins with the computer via CAD or Computer Aided Design. The drawings are made and converted to code which is used in the CAM or Computer Aided Manufacturing side of the business. The code is fed to a CNC router which cuts out the design from the wood blank. From here the final product is hand sanded and the finish applied.


Most of our cutting boards have the option to be personalized. You can choose to add a name and or a date as the standard embellishment. Want something fancier? We are happy for provide you with a custom quote. A personalized cutting board makes a great gift for many occasions such as a gift for a housewarming, wedding, Christmas, birthday, anniversary, etc.

Thank you

Thank you for your interest in our products. We have made and sold thousands of our cutting boards and have customers from all 50 states. Let us know if you have any questions. What can we make for you?